Founded in early 2018, we are a small independent watch company that produces strictly numbered and limited volume of our dive watches, allowing us to entirely focus on delivering the best experience and creating strong affections that can be appreciated by like-minded aficionados.

We fabricate classic-looking tool watches, explicitly reflecting on the 50s and 60s iconic references, with design cues of solidly built watches from those days. Our design attitude heavily based on vintage aesthetics with modern manufacturing standards that provides reliability and sophistication, blending the best aspects of both worlds with our products for the wearers.

We believe in traditional watchmaking, by curating mechanical movements, specifically Swiss ETA automatics, that were proven to be top-notch in both reliability and robustness through time. We choose to ONLY use Swiss mechanical movements over quartz, as they are heartily appreciated by watch aficionados around the world, for their intricate complexity of tiny gears and parts, while being easy to maintain for many more years to come.

Ultimately, Pablo watches strive a perfect balance both in quality and price for our end consumers.